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September 23, 2005

Welcome to my blog warming

Arrow_sign_lIf you bounced here from my old site - search for the topic you were looking for to the left.

Hello, and welcome to my blog's new home.  If you arrived here via a link from another site or a Google search, you can still find your article by using the Google search box on the left hand side of this page (assuming you're using your browser and not an RSS reader.

I've moved over to TypePad, and the address is http://www.genuinecuriosity.com

Meanwhile, here's a checklist to get you up-to-date on my new address:

  • Update your RSS reader to find the new feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/genuinecuriosity (autodiscover will find this if you just point your reader at the main pageand if you were already using my feedburner feed, you're fine).
  • Update any bookmarks to reflect the new address.
  • If you are a fellow blogger and have been kind enough to include me in your blogroll or link list, please update the address to point at my new address.

Thanks for your understanding about this migration.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to migrate comments and trackbacks from the old site to the new. 


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Congratulations on the move. Care to share why you made the move, what benefits you think you'll get, and if there are any downsides?

Very cool banner Dwayne, love it! This is fun clicking in randomly this weekend and watching your progress: it's like having a window seat into your creativity. Rosa

Thanks, Rosa and Phil!

Phil, the top reasons I switched were:

1) Typepad seems to be better at preventing comment and trackback spam than my old provider (Blogware). For example, they do a better job of blocking open proxies that are used for these flood attacks.

2) When I *do* get problem comments or trackbacks, it's easier to deal with them via my wireless email. My old provider sent email notifications of comments (not trackbacks) but I had to go log into a full-fledged browser to deal with them. With Typepad I get a notification email that has links in it to delete or edit the item, and I can do that from my PDA. If I choose to turn on explicit approval of comments and trackbacks, I can approve them right from my Treo.

3) Typepad's interface for doing comment and trackback maintenance is better. In my old blog I had to go into each individual message and deal with the comments piece-meal. With Typepad I can show them in one list and act on them from that list.

4) Typepad's system is more open and flexible than my old provider.

5) Typepad's editing and publishing tools are better - for example, I can set a future publish date so I can prepare posts and have them hit at a certain date & time.

6) There are more resources (tips, tricks, gadgets, etc.) available for Typepad than for my old provider.

7) I've had some service issues with reliability with my old provider.

8) I use a program called "The Journal" with is a sort of daily diary and it can publish directly to Typepad. I plan to use that feature since The Journal editor is good and I'll be able to do more writing offline (like on planes).

9) Did I mention comment and trackback spam?

As for downsides:
1) I have to migrate all my content to a new provider, and I'm losing comments and trackbacks in the process. This is compounded by the fact that my old provider wouldn't export to a format that Typepad can read (and Typepad won't read XML - only its own format).

2) I had over 1000 visitors per day on the old address - I hope I don't annoy too many of them with the switch. Just hoping the content is worth the effort.

3) I will be double-paying for blog service until my other account expires (though I didn't pay that much since I prepayed for a couple of years at a special introductory price).

By the way - the clincher was when Rosa asked me to be guest author on Talking Story. I ended up using Typepad for that, and really liked it.


1,000 visitors a day on the old site...fantastic!

Ahh...but you picked up a new one today...actually, I have been lurking around on your site for a while now. I found you through David St. Lawrence's blog...Ripples.

In fact, I am going to add you to my blog role (is that the term)...hope you will do the same and drop to visit my site as well.


P.S. I know what you are going through with the migration...I struggle with that decision all the time.

Thanks, John - I love the connections and routes of finding each other in the blog world!

Wow - your site is great, and "fits" with me. I've just added you to my blogroll.

Dwayne I think you'll find there are a lot of advantages to using TypePad; I love the program. With comment and trackback spam in particular, they've really helped me curb the need to moderate comments, which is something I truly hope I never need to do. When a spammer breaks through you can ban the IP address, but what I appreciate about TypePad is that they'll ban the spammer in their system globally when you submit a help ticket giving them all the details - an easy copy and paste dragged from your email to the help ticket.

However I leave this comment not as a commercial for TypePad, but as a shout-out to all other TypePad users: take the added step to notify them via a help ticket and we all help each other out. I've been very blessed with the popularity of Talking Story, and it is pretty amazing to me how little spam gets through.

Great job Dwayne on what you've done here so far!


I have found a brilliant tool - Blogjet - [www.blogjet.com] for transferring posts to Typepad. I went through the same unsuccessful process of trying to import/export. Blogjet allows import of post and posting date/time into your PC and then upload into your Typepad blog. Alas! the comments are lost. A small price.

Thanks, Memorykeeper - that is a great tip! Wish I'd known about that when I started this process on Friday. I like the clocks on your site, by the way.

When I came across Blogjet well into my manual ctrl+c, ctrl+v manual move, all that came to mind was "AAAAAAAAAARRGGHHHHHH!, why didnt I know about this before?!!" A lot of bloggers are now adding a lot of audio and that's another good 'racing stripe' from blogjet. It allows for audio content and its as simple as recording and posting to your blog. Surprising that many people do not know about it.

Clocks are courtesy www.clocklink.com. On my old site I had the flat digital versions on account of space, but these analog one look good.

Hi Dwayne,

The new site looks great. Typepad is a great engine and has a lot of bells and whistles. Keep us posted how the new service works for you. I'm in the process of re-creating my site in Wordpress. I've been debating about moving to Typepad, but I am so comfortable with Wordpress and all of the cool plug-ins and features that it would be a major jump.

1000 visitors a day is a great number. I'm in the process of rebuilding my readership since the domain change from .com to .org . Unfortunately I don't have a referrer page from the old domain so it's basically starting again from scratch. I've updated your link on my blog and passed the word along. Keep up the curiosity!


Wouldn't you know - my previous provider just launched a new scheme for preventing comment spam. Too bad I didn't know it was coming before I switched. Oh well, I like TypePad just fine, and the press releases say they are releasing something very great early next year (and that current subscribers will get it automatically).

what kind of blog did you use before. Personally I think blooger is the best (for me)

I used to use Blogware, which is relabeled by a bunch of providers. I subscribed to it through NetIdentity, who hosts my personal email account. I like them very much as a mail provider but enjoy Typepad better as a blog platform.

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